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Workwear Outfits for the Week Ahead

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What’s up you guys! Welcome back to the LLEGANCE YouTube channel. I’m Adrianna and I help young professionals easily style outfits for a successful career. Today I have a super fun video planned for you. It is five different workwear outfits that you can wear for the week ahead.

Additionally, this video will help you get some inspiration as to what you can wear to the office.

Moreover, it’ll be composed of outfits that are made mainly with staple items. You can easily recreate these looks at home with the items you already have as well. It’s going to be an easy video for you to watch, for you to get inspiration from and for you to elevate your style with.

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As well, don’t forget to stay till the end because I have a little something for you that you will definitely not want to miss. Are you ready to see the different outfits? Let’s do it.


I hope you enjoyed this video.

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Furthermore, I would really like to know which ones you guys really enjoyed the most.

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Adrianna Zakher

Adrianna the founder and editor in chief of LLEGANCE. As a professional, she understands that buying clothing for work can be a challenging task. Not only do you have to figure out how to style office wear, but you also may not have the time to buy new clothing pieces. She loves making feel and look confident at the office so they can close more deals, earn more money and accelerate their career. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping of course, taking her dog for a walk and going to the gym.

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