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LLEGANCE Exclusive: Amy Assaad, Top 1% Realtor in Canada - LLEGANCE; If you're one to roam the streets of Montreal on a regular basis, then you may recognize Amy Assaad from her banners. With hard work & dedication, she built a remarkable career for herself. She now runs a team of over 10 people and is in the 1% of best realtors in Canada. Keep reading to find out what Amy Assaad has to say about the real estate market and how she built her career. She talks about real estate marketing & real estate advertising. Click to read on LLEGANCE.

Feature: Amy Assaad, Top 1% Realtor in Canada

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If you’re one to roam the streets of Montreal on a regular basis, then you may recognize Amy Assaad from her banners around the city.

With hard work and dedication, she has built a remarkable career for herself. She now runs a team of over 10 people and is in the 1% of best realtors in Canada.

Keep reading to find out what Amy Assaad has to say about the real estate market and how she built her career.

AZ: How did you get your start in real estate and what originally attracted you to the industry?

AA: I am a proud Montrealer, born and raised. I come from a family background of scholars with PHD’s and engineering degrees. Therefore, the real estate sales industry was considered a riskier path. However, my passion for architecture and helping people kept me focused on my objectives.

I was always interested in a challenge and naturally enjoyed meeting new people, so this was a sure fit.

With experience, I understood clients needs and developed a talent in providing a high level of client service. I’m proud to say that I’m on my 18th consecutive year of transacting properties in the Montreal, suburban and up north areas.

I have developed a skill set and in-depth knowledge base of our real estate market & trends, so I enjoy providing this knowledge for the benefit of our team and trusted clients.

AZ: What does your day to day look like running a large team and how do you cultivate a healthy team synergy ?

AA: I consider myself a team leader. I never would have achieved all that I’ve accomplished without our team of like minded individuals. It all starts with the home and our strong foundation. Although none of us are blood related, we are all bonded and are truly a family.

Every day we express gratitude to one another, have open communication and dialog as a group and in turn, appreciate a cohesive working environment.

Our clients benefit from having several team members at their disposal, being answered immediately and having intelligent minds working together to achieve results.

AZ: Considering the real estate market is currently doing well in Montreal, how do you see the industry changing in the next 5 years?

AA: There is a scarcity of properties in the marketplace. Real estate is more and more in demand, which in turn has created a very active and fast moving market place. The city is finally playing catch-up, while other major Canadian cities had been experiencing large booms.

Due to these changing markets, buyers are now required to act quickly. This is one of the reasons it’s important to work with experienced real estate professionals. We understand these changing market trends and can properly guide the client in the right direction. Our group, having 18 years of in depth experience, allows us to lead the industry forward.

Technology advances available to buyers across marketing channels allow properties to be advertised to the consumer. This has been driving more foreign buyers to purchase properties sight unseen.

Our skylines have changed, so I truly see Montreal becoming the next destination of choice for investment and future expansion. The city speaks for itself with all its new developments.

AZ: What does it take to be hired on your team, and which specific traits do you look for in a potential team member?

AA: The traits we recognize and appreciate are individuals that demonstrate good values, enthusiasm, strong principles, work ethic, team spirit and most importantly, a kind character. Over the years we have developed a strong bond and trust.

This unique dynamic amongst us, has allowed us to exemplify the same care and trust towards our clients.

AZ: Who are the real estate moguls you admire?

AA: I can’t say there has been a specific mentor or mentors that I admire.

Each individual has lived through different experiences and provides varied useful opinions that I respect and embrace.

I recognized early on the importance of being selective with the advice I receive. Everyone has an opinion but not everyone is correct. However, I listen because there is always something to be learned. Knowledge is power. 

 You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you can tweak it to be your own.

AZ: Are you a fashion lover at heart, or do you see clothing more as an essential part of your daily life?

AA: My style consists of neutral colors and professional attire. I avoid patterns and love to accessorize with key pieces such as, jewelry, belts and bags. 

AZ: Considering more offices are allowing a relaxed dress code, do you feel dressing in a formal-professional attire is no longer as necessary as?

AA: If I am with friends and family, I dress how I feel and let my personality shine!

In business, perception is everything. I keep it professional and business attire is non negotiable. I dress for my clients.

If you show up to a meeting in jeans, you are telling the client that you take your work very casually. By wearing business attire, you are letting the client know you take them and yourself seriously. The visual is clean and straight forward, there is no guessing why I came. I showed up for business not for coffee.

AZ: What is your best secret for looking put-together at the office and in front of clients?

AA: Since time has always been an issue for me personally, I keep it classy and simple. I also curate a wardrobe with pieces that easily work together. 

AZ: Is there a store in particular you like to shop at for workwear pieces?

AA: Zara, Aritzia and Club Monaco seem to always have the combination of clothes that cohesively mix and match together. It’s rare that I walk in any of these three stores and not find pieces that don’t look great.

AZ: What can we expect from the Amy Assaad team in the coming months?

AA: We already work throughout Canada and the U.S. to target buyers but we plan to target international sellers as well.

We are currently a team and collectively speak 12 different languages. We advertise heavily in the U.S., China, Europe and the Middle East, so we’re able to drive a lot of foreign buyers to various listings around the city.

Developing reach to foreign markets has become a key factor of our business. We are becoming more and more an international brand and we plan to expand this further.

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